10 November 2009


Just a quickie to show an I-cord-as-swatch I knat up of wool from one of the Shetland wethers, whom we should be picking up this weekend pending the last bit of health testing. For the blood draws I had to clip away a bit of wool, so I washed the locks, carded them open, and spun this yarn up from the brown boy (who appears to be more properly mooskit in color and will be much lighter in color once shorn). This is the finest yarn I've ever spun, and I am pleased with how it turned out. I'm even more pleased with the color and softness of this wool. His fiber may get a little bit coarser as he ages, but as a wether it's not likely to change by much.


I also have a brief anecdote to share. We had a husky in over the weekend who had been shot by a hunter (who is now in trouble with the game warden service, because shooting domestic animals is a big no-no). Anyway, the owners came in last night and were going to take the dog home because she was doing well, and I was talking to the mother about the dog's care and couldn't help but notice that she was wearing a very nice handknit Fair Isle sweater.

So after we'd gone over the important matters regarding the dog's care, I finally had a chance to ask her about the sweater. She told me that she and her late mother had owned a yarn store in the Midcoast area and her mother had designed all manner of Fair Isle patterns, including the sweater she was wearing, and knit them up in Jamieson & Smith yarn. She said she'd considered trying to get her mother's patterns published, so I encouraged her to do so. It was nice work and would certainly find a welcome audience.


Anonymous said...

First, it makes me very sad that the husky was shot, but happy that it will recover. Second, how awesome is it that the dog's owner is yarn- and sweater-connected!

JoVE said...

He shot the dog on purpose?! WTF? I would have thought this was the time of year when you get some accidents due to it being hunting season and all. Hard to get the dog to wear blaze orange.

Laurie said...

Great yarn for a dog sweater! Whew.
Stupid hunter. Should be in trouble, yes.

Molly Bee said...

Is it the lady from the shop in Camden?

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh to knit with one's very own sheep's wool! And the color is lovely, too.

Fiber Ninja said...

I love the natural colour of your latest acquisition, but just for kicks you ought to try over-dyeing a few locks. The results can be quite stunning.