08 November 2009

Relationship Borg

Friday morning I had a fairly critical case show up right at the end of my shift, which is never fun because it makes my 15-hour shift at least an hour or two longer. Anyway, since I'm usually too tired to drive home at end of shift and end up sleeping here, it also meant that it was fairly late in the evening by the time I came to and I was still faced with the hour drive home.

I called David to let him know I was coherent and about to leave for home and was thinking as I talked to him that I really didn't want to have to cook dinner when I got home and really, really would prefer just to order pizza, which we maybe do 3 or 4 times a year at most. So in order to try to steer the decision in that direction, I started out with an innocent, "What are you thinking you'd like for dinner?"

His response was immediate and unequivocal: "Pizza!"

He ordered marinara and mushroom, and I picked it up on my way home. We are, apparently, singular of mind and act as a colonial organism. But we don't assimilate.

Knitting Update

One sleeve down, one to go on Expedition. Since I've spit-spliced and woven in the few ends as I've gone along, there won't really be any finishing when I've finished with sleeve #2. I may give it a wash, but I'm more likely just to start wearing it.


The buttons are ram's horn buttons I got at Rhinebeck last year from Elaine at Frelsi Farm. I think they're perfect for this sweater. Keep an eye on her website, because there may be a photo on there of a certain dashing frenchie (modeling his sweater from her yarn) in the near future.


Anonymous said...

The sweater's looking great, Mel.

Java said...

The sweater is quite lovely. Ram horn buttons are a good idea for this sweater.

That's the thing I love most about being in a long term relationship, that singularity of mind. We have acclimated to each other to the point that we like so many of the same foods, even though we didn't used to. I can't remember if it was him or me who didn't used to like certain things.

Anonymous said...

I love that you have taken care of the ends and even sewn on the buttons already. You can wear that puppy almost before you lay down your needles!

Ryan said...

Sometimes there is strength and love to be found in relationship borgdom!

(Your security word for this comment is "codowhil." I love how it sometimes comes up with a mishmash of letters that look like a real word!)

Lisa/knitnzu said...

Looks great! Are you using two circulars on the sleeve? I very much prefer top down sleeves, but go back and forth on the notion of doing it all flat and seeming side and underarm versus circularly. Last I did circularly, the sleeve was a PITA... but it was heavy yarn, and color work. Bleh.

tornwordo said...

Pizza is always a good idea. Fabulous sweater. I'll never be good enough or perseverent enough to do that.

Yarndude said...

Yum, pizza! :P I really like the buttons you're using for your Expedition. I still haven't gone out to look for any, I should do that soon.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I want a hubbie (feat. pizza)! DERRRRICIOUZ!