05 November 2009

Computer Says Yes!

Took me a little bit to get everything pulled together and notify the winners, but I did the drawing for the Raffle for Marriage Equality tonight as promised. The winner of the main drawing is Knitnzu! It just so happens that she's having a drawing of her own (leave her a comment by Friday) because she won another drawing and ended up with two copies of a romance novel, which is one more than she really needed. Talk about some people having all the luck!

And the winner of the drawing for furr'ners who got the word out is JoVE! I can't seem to find a current e-mail address for you, JoVE, so e-mail me directly so I can get some details. For folks who want to see the yarns our winners have to select from, I put them into a Flickr set here.

And for folks who don't get the reference for the title of this post, I present Carol Beer:


Chris said...

Congrats to the winners! Heh, Knitnzu is really having a lucky week, no?

textillian said...

Oh, we love Little Britain.

Let me know the addy of the winner of the wool to spin.

Luuworld said...

little britain is great! i love all the characters. carol is one of my favs though