09 May 2008

Walk Before You Run

On Wednesday, I gave the FiveFingers their first workout at the gym. The website recommends that people whose feet pronate (i.e., are really flat, like mine) use caution starting out with these shoes. Fortunately, several years of yoga taught me to correct my pronation without support, so I don't think that'll be much of concern. The real challenge is the whole shift in how I move.

I learned that I will be building up calluses at the base of the second toe on each foot, as that seems to be where I'm getting the most friction. I've always built up calluses in the summer from wearing sandals, but never at this spot. On the other hand, I noticed a lot less knee pain after my workout than I had in regular running shoes. I didn't try to run yet, of course, but I did walk on the treadmill at a pretty good pace.

Today I'll get to work out in a new pair, as I bought some more just for the gym.

Kilt Hose

I started these on my trip to California at the end of March, but I haven't really blogged about them much. Our minister (who is now on Ravelry, but I'm not sure how a nonny moose she wishes to be) pointed out that I hadn't added them to my projects or posted any pics of them or anything, so here goes:


Because I started these on the go, I opted for a fairly simple design that I could work out in my head. They're 3x1 rib with a simple braided cable running down each side. The wool is woolen spun worsted weight from Elsa Wool Company, and I'm knitting them on two size US3/3.25mm Addi 12" circs.

I knat the cuffs first with a provisional cast on to obviate any concerns about dealing with holes when switching directions for the leg. I'm getting fairly close to being able to decrease the extra stitches for the calf on the first one. I hope to make a lot of progress on these next weekend at the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat.

Apropos of Nothing

Because my job entails long hours with no ability to leave for lunch (assuming you could even find lunch at 2AM), I try to keep a stash of food on hand at the clinic. It's generally nothing fancy, but it keeps me from starving. Everyone else keeps food here, as well, and the rule is that if you don't want it thrown out or eaten, you need to put your name on it.

Fair enough.

The only problem is when people don't respect that rule and eat your food anyway. This happened recently with a brick of cheese I had in the fridge, but it's not the first time.

Now I'm generally more than happy to share my food when I'm working. I don't want staff coming in here and not having anything to eat for 10 or 12 hours. But when I'm coming in to work a 15 hour shift and expect to have food in the fridge, it's more than a little irritating to find some two-legged rat has been at it. So with my latest cheese purchase, I made a little sign to tape to it that I thought would get the point across a little more emphatically.


Christine said...


Christine said...

The kilt hose are going to be gorgeous. Simple, classic and just gorgeous!

knitnzu said...

LOVE the cheese warning! The other thing you might do is squirrel away some granola or something... do you have a personal space like a desk or cabinet? Or you could risk all and store your food w/ the specimens and/or drugs or morgue (do you have one of those?). We used to run at tae kwon do... used to because I stopped (but I did it for 20 years...) ANYhow, I found that when running barefoot I tended to run mostly on my balls vs my heels. No idea if that's good or right or anything, it just was. Kind of like little springs. Your kilt hose are looking good!

Sheepish Annie said...

The kilt hose are great! Glad you shared them.

I am with you on the Don't You Dare Eat My Food mood. I don't get a lunch break either nor can I leave to get anything when someone takes my stuff. However, I keep my own little fridge and no one else uses my workspace, so I probably have an advantage there...

Chris said...

EXCELLENT sign. Hee hee. So, what were the reactions of the other people in the gym to those crazy shoes?

teejtc said...

Somehow I don't think I could get away with using that quote on our sign.....


Grace and Peace,