30 May 2012

Puppy Windup

Chauce is always excited to get home from work so he can see little brother Theo. David's glad when Chauce gets home so somebody else can deal with all the puppy energy.


Yarndude said...

That's adorable!

Unknown said...

Ohhhhhh. They are so good together. Chauce is so patient and Theo...heavens, what a dear little boy. Smitten, I am.

kmkat said...

Chaunce: "I have a stick!"

Theo: "No, I have a stick!"

Chaunce: "NO, I HAVE A STICK!"

::repeat unto infinitum::

They are adorable together. Chaunce could give lessons in big-brothering.

=Tamar said...

Puppies are nice but they do take time. I guess that's why you haven't updated your blogroll since before Fuzzy Logic quit blogging.