08 March 2012


So I missed my 6th blogiversary a couple of weeks ago. A lot's been going on - much of it very stressful and for another day when I feel up to writing about it. School, so far, is going well, though I'm still not as into a groove as I probably should be. Again, a story for another day.

On the knitting front, I've been working on a top-down lopapeysa with Álafoss plötulopi I brought home last year. I decided I wanted to work a yoke with the Deathflake motif and fashioned a sword motif to go in between the repeats to keep the floats from being too long. I love the way it's turning out, though I'm going to have to snip out the neck and redo that - my shoulders are too wide for the pattern section, so the neck bunches up at present. Since I can't rip out from the neckline, I'll have to cut somewhere just above the pattern section & pick up stitches as I pick out a round. Then I should be able to do a quicker reduction in stitches and make a new, somewhat wider neck.


It's a look that suits me well, I think.


Stephen said...


Kimberly said...

It looks beautiful and very cool :)

M-H said...

I love your work! And take care - studying doesn't get easier as you get older ::aha, the voice of experience!::

Tallguy said...

You will not be able to rip out ribbing from the other side, but you should be able to rip out stocking stitch from either end (except maybe the increases). You can snip a stitch just at the edge of the ribbing, and pull out that row. See how it goes.

Mel said...

Tallguy: I've dealt that little conundrum before in the past, so I snipped the stockinette above the yoke pattern and knit back in the direction I came. The new neck is a bit more open and should, I hope, work well.