23 October 2010

Eine Kleine Rhinebeck

I never seem to manage to get many photos of the actual event anymore, since we always get too busy. I did slip away for a bit on Sunday, though, and snapped a few "ambience" photos.




One of the odd ironies about Rhinebeck is that it's the one place I know I can count on seeing Clara Parkes. Even though we live in the same state, and even though she lives in the same neck of the woods as my grandmother, and even though our respective travels often bring us within proximity, our paths never seem to cross otherwise. Which is a shame, really, since I understand she makes some mad tasty caramels.


This year, for a change, we took an extra day after the festival to be tourists and see a little bit of the area, which included taking the Walkway Over the Hudson, a late lunch at the Culinary Instute of America (Apple Pie Bakery Café, to be precise), and a visit to the FDR Presidential Library. I took a few photos of the first and third on that list, too.



It appears that Sara Roosevelt is knitting a jumper in this photo, though it's a little too dark to tell. I'm fairly certain she's working with long dpn's. And how many of you noticed that gigantic dog sleeping between them?

Some of Eleanor's knitting needles

I now also have one post-Rhinebeck photo to share. Last night I finished up my latest Rhinebeck knitting project - the vest I started back in the spring from yarn I got last year. The neckband and armhole ribbing is from yarn I got this year, so technically it's a two-Rhinebeck project.


I decided that I would have liked the body about an inch shorter, so I'm adjusting it for the written pattern and the next iteration, but I didn't want to frog back this one, so I'm leaving it as is. On the whole I'm pleased with the way it turned out. The yarn colors complement each other very nicely, and it's going to be a nice warm vest to wear this winter.


Fiber Ninja said...

The picture from the Walkway is breathtaking. With my severe acrophobia, that photo is as close as I'll get!

Anonymous said...

omg, judging by the size of the paw that is one HUGE dog! He could probably single-paw-edly terrorize the entire East Coast.

Diane in Chico said...

The vest turned out nicely!

Carole Knits said...

The photo of the horses is great. And I'd love to stay an extra day and enjoy the attractions in the area. Some year I'm going to do just that. The vest is terrific - something Dale would definitely like.

Lisa/knitnzu said...

oooh, yummy vest! If you really want it shorter, you could cut and re-do the bottom rib in that contrasting color. It looks more than fine as is, but I know how when something isn't quite what you want...

Alwen said...

Even better, there are two dogs in that photo - the one on the left is mostly cropped out.

Here's a wider view:

Alwen said...

Being a dog lover, I have now discovered FDR had a St. Bernard named Nardo and a Newfoundland named Monk.

If this link works, there are a bunch of photos of FDR and Monk and other dogs in the list:


Here's another picture taken at the same time as the one in your post:

That's a biiiig dog.

anne marie in philly said...

nice vest!

I love the hudson river valley, but I don't know if I could stand the winters there.

the train tracks below the walkway run from NYC to albany and beyond (boston, niagara falls, toronto, to name a few).

Jim said...

Great vest Mel! Looks great the way it is.
Just picked up a few knitting books from library today....winter is coming and I'm planning a couple of projects to get me through it!
One question....who gets to 'break down' the sand sculptures at the end of the festival? Kids I hope!

Michelle M. said...

Great photos!

Written pattern? Frog back? I have no idea what that means, but the vest looks fantastic : ).

that's J-O-S-H said...

Yeah...the horsie reminded me of one of my favorite album covers!