04 March 2010

Josh Socks

Need a reminder of what they look like?


Perhaps eventually there will be a photo of them adorning Mr. Trashy One's feet, but I'm told they fit and are appropriately thick and fuzzy.

I thought a bit about what to call this pattern, since despite the similar basic concept (shaped arch), these are my own toe-up interpretation of that idea in a sea of top-down patterns. I thought that since Oliver is the pattern I bought and used as a basic template for this adaptation and since these are made in the reverse direction, maybe I should call them Revilo, but that a) sounded too much like a Harry Potter curse and b) didn't make them sound particularly appealing. Then I realized that the natural thing to do was name them for their intended recipient, Josh.

The yarn is some Kona Superwash DK that I've had for a while and hand-dyed with lemonade & orange-flavored Kool-aid. Not colors that figure at all in my personal wardrobe, but these weren't for me and Josh has a strong preference for citrus-y colors. The toes & heels just have a dark blue Schoeller-Stahl sock reinforcing yarn knit along with the Kona to make them a bit thicker and more wear-resistant, but I think that bit of contrast works really nicely.

I'm not going to share much more detail-wise at the moment. It's really not anything that a determined person couldn't figure out, but I like the way these turned out and am contemplating writing this up as a pattern for sale, or perhaps more of a tutorial on how to make your own with whatever weight yarn suits you.


JelliDonut said...

I would love to see a tutorial and would gladly pay for it. I've done toe-up but not with an arch shape. I could try to figure it out, but I don't have a problem with compensating someone for their knowledge. Besides, I have CRS* and it works out better for me if I'm following someone else's instructions.

*Can't Remember Sh*t

catmum said...

oh yes, please do. Toe up is my favorite direction for socks (currently...I'm notoriously fickle) and I've been putting off arch-shaped socks because of the not-toe-up detail. I did knit some Francie's a while back, and love the fit.