25 October 2009

Rhinebeck: A (Very) Brief Synopsis

Gah! It's been a whole week since Rhinebeck and I haven't posted a thing. Truth be told, I still haven't recovered fully, partly because it was a pretty exhausting weekend physically and partly because I haven't had very much downtime since we got back. Aside from that, I just didn't have time to take many photos. So here is my super brief photo essay of the weekend.

We were the clearly the most fun booth there. I mean, who else had a disco ball?


And plenty of other folks have written about the cold all weekend and the rain on Sunday. David and I looked back through historical weather data, and it was the coldest by far for the past several years. After all the cold and grey and rain, though, and after all the crowds had gone away for another year, this is what the vendors got to see as we were packing up for another year:


Marriage Equality Raffle Update

I've been really bad about updating y'all on this, but the raffle has raised $840 to date. There's just over a week to go and this is really going to be a down-to-the-wire sort of fight. Latest polls show the two sides running about even, with the anti-equality camp getting over half their funding from the same out-of-state group that spearheaded Prop 8.

Anyway, there's still time to donate and sign up for the raffle. I'm also throwing in some of the Alpaca with a Twist Socrates sock yarn that we brought back from Rhinebeck for the winner to choose from. We have it in Dress Blues, Americana, Natural, and Laura's Purple. At some point, I will work on getting up photo(s) of all the sock yarn options.


Chris said...

Really, the disco ball would have drawn me there, powerless to resist. :)

Yarndude said...

I hope you had fun! I can't believe it's already been a week, I feel like it just happened yesterday (and I wasn't even there...)

willyg said...

You guys really did have the most fun booth! I don't know about weather...I didn't really feel cold until I saw you wrapped in swaddling blankets and sitting behind the register. I think the building held cold air in.