20 July 2009

Way Cool Chicks

It's been over a month and a half now since the chickens arrived and I haven't posted pics of them. I felt slightly guilty, so I finally got the camera out the other day and took some current photos for y'all to see. I reported earlier that it was one of the buff orpingtons who had died, but it was actually one of the golden-laced cochins (I think). They stay next door at Debbie and Charles's place most of the time, so there was some confusion there.

Anyway, Debbie and Charles are off on a trip to China until the end of this week, so David rigged them up a pen in one corner of our sideyard and has been bringing them over to spend the day outdoors. They've thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but it's clear that they're quickly outgrowing their chick waterer and feed trough. They need some big girl equipment. They're also learning to rush the door of the temporary quarters next door where they're spending the nights until the coop is done, which makes it challenging to keep them all in.

The other interesting thing is that they've totally brought out Tuck's predator instinct. Which is highly amusing only when you're not trying to keep him from going after the escapees while you frantically try to catch them and prevent further escapes all at once.

So without further ado, here are the girls:




There are 3 silver-laced wyandottes, 2 buff orpingtons, 2 golden-laced cochins (the kind with feathered legs), 2 barred plymouth rocks, and 2 ameracaunas. And here is the chicken coop in progress:


Further progress has been made since I snapped this shot, but today's work was cut a little bit short by a hellatious headache and backache. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.


JoVE said...

Those ARE way cool. Very pretty. I have boring red hens. Maybe next year we'll go for something more exciting.

The coop looks pretty good, too.

I think it is pretty funny to watch the cats stalk the chickens. IT doesn't really go anywhere and sometimes the chickens scare the cat.

Sheepish Annie said...

That's a good looking flock you have there. Do chickens flock? Is that the right term? I dunno...they're just really cool looking.

Christine said...

Great pics! Glad you shared. I love chickens, but especially farm fresh eggs. mmmmmm

Nelly Frittata said...

Visiting courteous of Bossy.

Thought you might enjoy this story:

Feathering Her Nest

tornwordo said...

You have to name them too! Can't wait to see who makes the best eggs. Sad about the death.