25 April 2009

Spring Brings...

...My Birthday!

Which was, I know, three weeks ago now, but my surprise (except for the date) party was only last weekend, and I don't have pics from that yet because my dad hasn't e-mailed me any. I neglected upon the date to post this photo of what David had waiting for me when I got home from work that morning.


The cake was from our local bakery and was so rich that it was almost too much even for me. That's damn near impossible!



These are my florentine tulips, Tulipa sylvestris, which I got a couple of years ago from here. They make me think of little Dutch girls' caps and they smell wonderful, so I think I'm going to need to get more of them to plant this fall.

...Warm Weather!

It was so nice when I was getting ready for work this afternoon, that somebody got to go naked!


And this weekend's weather is promising a lot more nudity, too. Whoo hoo!


anne marie in philly said...

daddy's little doggie is sooooo cute!

love the contrasting colors, from the (slobbers down her shirt front) chocolate cake to the yellow tulips to little tuck.

how are tuck and tolo doing with their respective illnesses, BTW?

Alwen said...

Mmm, chocolate!

And nudity - Theenk of the children!

M-H said...

Happy belated birthday Mel. And remember that as you get older it gets more difficult to digest rich food. :)

tornwordo said...

Sounds like a nice time for your 40th! Happy happy again.

Luuworld said...

spring, birthay, flowers. all wondeful things. happy birtdhay!