16 September 2008


This is actually a healthy wildlife photo. Somebody brought this gorgeous little Eastern Milk Snake into us today before I got to work. The poor little thing had found its way into their office building. Fortunately, they were good people and didn't scream and squish it.


One of our techs took it home to show her daughters before releasing it. At this age, its chances of survival aren't super high, since Nature is one cruel bitch of a mother. It's at least equipped with all the instinctive knowledge needed to make it, though, and since it's not injured, it's better off out in the wild where it belongs.

Meantime, don't let that keep you from entering the Raffle for the Critters. You've got another week!


knitnzu said...

You can sex a turtle but not a snake? Or maybe it's because this one is still so small. I've never actually extruded anybody's hemipenes... my feeling is that if they're going through all that effort to hide it all, do I really need to know? (we have had small garter snakes, though not babies like this, on our kitchen table for a couple of weeks at a time). If you haven't released him yet, I'll ask my herp buddies if there are any good snake hibernacula near you. I think that different species share these.

Anonymous said...

I love snakes! Cool picture, Mel!

Sheepish Annie said...

He's gorgeous! I actually kind of like snakes. I never scream or squish them. I'm usually the go-to girl in any building when snake removal is required.

We used to have a boa constrictor in one of my other schools. The kids used to bet on which of the teachers would hold him. :)

Anonymous said...

nice snake! pretty markings!

I have a garter snake under my back door concrete slab.

and I don't scream and squish them either.

Molly Bee said...

What a cutie! I have only just got to like snakes in the last few years. We have a lot of water snakes that nap on the banks of my favorite park. I used to avoid the area but now seek them out. I even held a huge albino boa constrictor a couple of years ago so I'm getting there. Itty bitty snakes like yours are definitely better than the bigger ones though so I have a ways to go!

Alwen said...

We accidentally created a hiberanculum when we removed the original farmhouse from our property. Boy, do the snakes like the old Michigan basement.

I am all the time rescuing them from the fenced yard. I have one dog who thinks they are great fun to try and catch. Lucky for him, massasauguas don't like our high sandy spot.