22 July 2008

Peas & Carrots!



The carrots are itty bitty baby ones from some thinning I did today. I was less than impressed with the germination rate of my shell peas. Perhaps I should have added inoculant to the soil, but you'd think there'd be plenty of naturally occurring microbes in a pile of composted 'paca poo. My pole beans have been really slow growers, too, and are only now starting to send up some tendrils.

On the other hand, my shell beans are producing like gangbusters and should provide us with some good soup beans for the fall. Speaking of which, I think the two above items are destined to go in a soup of some sort for dinner tonight.


vuboq said...

Are the carrots red? or is it the light? I've never seen red carrots before. Special variety?

I love your pix! *smooches*

Sue Who Knits said...

The baby carrots remind me of my youth. We would give them to the pet hamsters. They would hold them like Bugs Bunny and amuse us no end. Youth are easily amused.