24 February 2008

Back Home Safe & Sound

I got home this evening very much on time, with the weather miraculously causing no delays with my connections in either Baltimore or LaGuardia. Of course, now I have a splitting headache and my goddamnedRESTLESSLEGSAREABOUTTODRIVEMEUPTHEWALL!!! So I'm sure you'll understand the brevity of this post. Suffice to say that it was a wonderful, though far too short, visit. There were cheese grits for breakfast every morning (I cooked just to make sure), and my grandparents are doing fairly well given their limitations. I couldn't find any Big Mo candy bars, though, even in the heart of NASCAR country. *sigh*

I'll have more later, but I did want to share my celebrity sighting on the last leg of my trip. I managed to snag exit row seats for the last two legs of the trip and was able to get on the LaGuardia-Boston plane fairly quickly and take my seat. As I was sitting there, who should file past me in the line but Ed Helms, whom some of you might know from his stint on The Daily Show or from the US version of The Office.

At least, I was fairly certain it was him, partly because I've crushed on him just a tiny bit (What can I say? I have a soft spot for goofy, nerdy types). So once we got to Boston and were in the baggage claim area, I did what any self-respecting knit blogger would do - I kinneared him (in the same airport where the practice was born, no less).


Okay, I know it's blurry, but I wasn't 100% certain it was really him, so asking was out of the question (plus he was talking into/listening to his iPhone, and it would have been rude, not to mention potentially horribly embarassing). After I got home, though, I found the fansite edhelms.org, which had the following video interview, which was done earlier in the week in Colorado. Same hat, same jacket (same jeans?). I got my confirmation.


Anonymous said...

Restless legs? Did you not eat your usual foods on the trip? I have to make sure I get enough magnesium, especially just before bedtime, but others say iron works for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mel, I saw Big Mo' bars this week at my local supermarket! Apparently they are NOT an urban myth. And the words "Big Mo'" are BIG and just scream at you from across the aisle. Thought of you right away. Er, but not because you're a big...oh, never mind. ;-)

Elemmaciltur said...

hehe, good on ya for celeb-spotting!

Anonymous said...

Wow great story! I am embarrased to admit, I have a crush on him too, but it doesn't look easy to spot him under that huge jacket! Thanks for the shoutout too.

Btw ever since I saw Alpacas on that show "Aliens in America" I've wanted one. They're so cute!

Kris said...

RLS sucks - I love the meds for them though, they changed my life! I take Mirapex.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe...kinneared him! Was just thinking that to myself as I was reading about your sighting. Too funny. Give the furkids a hug for me! Sue