19 August 2007

Fall Is Coming


The last few days the air has had the unmistakable crispness that the end of summer brings to Maine. It's even gotten downright chilly at night, which is why I'm wearing sweatpants, a long sleeve T-shirt, a sweatshirt, and my felted slippers. And I'm still even a bit on the chilly side when the breeze blows through the windows.

We headed Downeast for a couple days to visit and to do a bit more on the wedding planning front. The most important thing was our meeting with the new Unitarian minister in Ellsworth, Rev. Leela Sinha. We now have an officiant, and she's also got a Minnesota connection. Leela was doing her undergraduate studies at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, while David and I were both living in the Twin Cities, and she herself later ended up living in the Twin Cities for a few years. Also, her wife, Janine, is a native of Duluth. I'm happy about this because it means that she'll have a particularly good understanding of the places that have helped to shape our lives, and I'm looking forward to working with her.

While we were there, we took some time to drive over to Schoodic Point, which is a smaller and less-traveled section of Acadia National Park. This in itself isn't particularly remarkable, since my grandmother lives on Schoodic Peninsula and since it's one of my favorite places in the world, but I got some nice photos.


We also decided that the Frazer Point picnic area in the park would be a perfect venue to have a cookout for all our friends the evening before the wedding. And while we were there, I managed to snap a couple photos of this camera-shy little guy.


We also visited Daphne for a bit the day before her surgery. We've since found out that the cancer has invaded around her inferior vena cava, which means that they weren't able to remove all of it. The implications, of course, are not good, and I'm very worried for her. Still, her brother-in-law is an internist, so she has good advice near at hand, and there are a large number of people who are keeping her in their thoughts, so I'm sure that whatever decision she makes going forward will be the best one for her. And I have been making good progress with shedir, so I hope to be able to get it to her quickly.


Sheepish Annie said...

Schoodic Point is, indeed, a beautiful spot! And you are so right about the weather. I imagine that it was even chillier while you were in the "DownEast" portion of the state!

So glad to hear that you've found the perfect wedding offical. That should make the process go rather smoothly!

knitnzu said...

We were gabbing about fall/winter just this afternoon... hard not to, yesterday I was out in a wool hat! And back in July I saw a couple trees changing... The news about Daphne just sucks, but I wish her well and hope her treatment works for her. You are so right it is what she chooses that is right for her. I could just not believe that somebody showed up at my friend's house as her husband was dying saying 'if he'd only done thus and such'. And after Jay died he went on about it at my house. I put a very quick stop to it all and said "Jay did what was right for him and the nurse was VERY clear that it was what he did that kept him out of pain". Thankfully my guest changed the subject... Because I'da nailed him hard. Exciting about your minister!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Daphne.

And congrats on your upcoming wedding!

randi K design said...

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