14 December 2007

A Word of Advice, and Some Less Painful Stuff

If you own a wolf hybrid, you should make damn sure that he is not able to escape and run off into the woods. Otherwise, he might come back looking like this:


Can't see that closely enough? How about this?


Fortunately, no bones were broken and his toes were still warm, albeit very badly bruised, so he'll likely do fine. Turns out he's gotten loose and damn near gotten himself killed before this, too, so who knows what it'll be next time.

And Now for Something(s) Completely Different

Let's see.... It snowed here last night.


I'm very excited at the prospect of having a white Christmas this year, since we missed out on one last year and the year before started brown, then saw us driving home from my grandmother's in an ice storm. Of course, there are 11 more days to go and today's temperature is supposed to rise to about 40F, but we're expecting a Nor'easter on Sunday which should bring even more of the white stuff.

What else? I cast on finally for the wedding vest.


That's a provisional cast-on in purple laceweight with 341 stitches. I'm now 3 whole rows into the hem, and I am just hoping and praying that my gauge swatch didn't lie by too much. I'd really hate to have to start over. The plan is to knit the hem flat, then turn it up, cast on steek stitches, and continue in the round in color pattern. After the front steek is cut, then I'll knit on the button band and facing as one would a shawl edging. This will allow me to place horizontal buttonholes, which won't gape like a vertical buttonhole is prone to do. I've only got 6 months and one week to go, so I'd better get cracking, eh?

Oh, one last thing. On Wednesday, I got to meet this little fella:

121207Romeo 001

Here's the video:

Once I actually sat down on the floor, he came back out and climbed into my lap for some more lovin'. He's the last of the frenchies to be adopted or go to frenchie rescue. His current foster person didn't want him to be bounced around between homes, as he's still coming out of his shell and learning what it's like to be a loved dog. He's also got some significant, but treatable or manageable, health issues. The only remaining concern is how he'll do with the cats, so I'm hoping to be able to bring him home for a trial run next week, when I'm off and will have the time to spend with him and supervise introductions. I'm pretty optimistic, though. So much so that I'm already planning a sweater for him in my head. I have some green heather C220 that'll be perfect.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, the little Frenchie is sweet. I hope it all works out so he'll be able to come live with you.

Angie said...

Your hybrid wolf is beautiful. I bet no one comes into your yard uninvited! The Frenchie is also adorable, I hope he gets along well with the cats. You are making me think about adopting. The Frenchies are adorable!

Love This Space said...

I'm so glad they hybrid wolf is OK. Ouch!

And the frenchie is beautiful. He looks like he is quickly getting into the love thing. And he isn't spooky so I'm sure he will come out of his shell just fine.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm so glad that wolfie is going to be OK. My toes curled just looking at the picture. I can't even begin to imagine the pain...

And the Frenchie? A gentle soul. I can tell. It's in the eyes. I think this was meant to be...

Unknown said...

I used to think that retail sales was a surefire way to make you hate people, but your job would do the trick for me way more than that.

I have seen at least three French Bulldogs in the last couple of weeks, and they were all incredibly wonderful dogs. Made me also want one.

Anonymous said...

Mel, did you see in the paper the dog on a leash walking with owner on Mt. Ag that got a foot in a trap? It was horrible! I should see if trapping is permitted in the woods behind our house, or if my neighbor traps, huh?

Hope the Frenchie works out--he's wicked cute!

Angie said...

What a sweet little dog! Good luck and please keep us posted on how he's doing!

Rabbitch said...

I love that little dog already, but you knew that.

As for the wolf hybrid? I'm sorry for the poor animal. It just reaffirms my opinion that folks who breed and keep hybrids are jerks.

knitnzu said...

Here's hoping your little frenchies all find good and loving homes. Poor little guy... As for the trap, any dog can wander into one of those, no? One time I was doing some wetland stuff and came upon a turkey caught by its toe in one of those. As it was 4 in the afternoon, and good trappers check their trap lines early and often, I figured this bird was in trouble. Since his toe was broken and disjointed and clearly it was only skin still keeping him attached to the rest of it, I cut it off with my pocket knife, and the turkey left the scene very quickly, presumably to live the rest of his life as a reasonably normal turkey. We met the trapper as we walked out. I was angry about the turkey and worried he'd be angry we messed with his trap, so we didn't spend any time chit-chatting. Wolves are beautiful, but I'm rather down on the hybrids. Aren't there enough beautiful big wild looking dogs around? And most people sure don't have the talent/expertise to do well with these hybrids. Sadly it seems they tend to be with people who have enough of their own problems.

FiberQat said...

*shudder* I take it the wolf hybrid lived way out in the woods. I shudder to think that someone is using leg hold traps near where people have pets.

I hope all goes well with the frenchie. He's a cutie. And all goes well with the wedding vest. We don't want that unmentionable condition to rear its ugly head again.

Scoutj said...

Noted about the wolf.

And I just totally giggled when the dawggy walked right back into his kennel. AW!

Anonymous said...

Fiberqat--I live down the road a piece from Mel and there was an article in our local paper about a pet dog--with owner on leash at a local mountain--just a couple miles from my house--country, but not boony--that found a trap! This area has hiking trails, lots of folks with kids, dogs, bikes, etc. OUCH!

Anonymous said...

what happened to that hybrid could happen to ANY dog loose in the woods. And that hybrid got off a lot better in the woods then he would have had he found his way to my house.