17 December 2007

Oh the Weather Outside Was Frightful

This was the scene yesterday morning when I was getting ready to leave work.


It had only been snowing for a few hours at that point, but it was near blizzard conditions. David called from home and told me not to attempt the drive because he didn't think he'd be able to get the driveway cleared enough for me to get in. So I called over to my friend Shawn's house, which isn't too far from the clinic, to see if they were up for a wayward traveller.

Shawn works part-time at a zoo down in Boston, so he was snowed in there, but his partner Chris was home and told me to come on over. So we had a pleasant day hanging out mostly indoors with their two dogs and four cats, with a bit of snow shoveling and plenty of very good food and good company.

Of course, not having planned for an overnighter, I was lacking in a few necessities, most important being shaving materials and clean underwear. So today I made like a certain sheep and popped over to Target for some fresh undies. I also got some gift wrapping matériel and got all the gifts I've been accumulating here at work wrapped up to go under around the tree. Then it was off to Whole Foods for a few necessary toiletry items and a very, very early arrival at the workplace.

FSM willing, I may try to get in a nap tonight, as tomorrow's going to be a busy day, too. First on the agenda will be signing some paperwork so that I can bring a certain little fella home with me to meet David & the cats. He's been called Romeo at the shelter, but I'm changing it to Tuck. This article should give you the information to understand why I picked that name (aside from it just fitting him well). One of the first orders of business once he's home is to measure him for that sweater.

Catching Up with Technology

David and I have been swapping off our single cell phone for two years now, but now that he's got the warehouse and is working away from the house more it's getting more difficult to coordinate and we decided it was best to become a two cell phone family. This is the one I picked:

It should be arriving tomorrow, and I'm as excited as a little girl.


m.o.M. said...

A dog AND a cell phone in one day! You really should rest up.

Love the Mike Myers pic!

Unknown said...

Tuck is one lucky dog. Mel and David are two lucky people.

Between you and the
Sarah McLaughlin pet rescue commercials, I have been wanting a dog for a while now.

As for cell phones, I finally got one for Thaddeus...in the 8 months he's had it, he's used it a total of once (I've used his 3 times).

Sadelle said...

thanks for making me laugh this morning, Mel! (the Mike Meyers pic)... a friend of ours does that little routine all the time when he gets all excited! ROTFLMAO!

oh.. and the new pup is just precious!!


hizKNITS said...

Tuck's a fabulous name. Does that make you a motherTucker?

I think I need a sweater just looking at those snow pictures. California has made me soft and lose my Yankee edge.

pacalaga said...

Aw, new doggie! YAY! Nice phone, too.

Sheepish Annie said...

Tuck is coming home!!! How exciting! I may buy new underpants to celebrate...

I'm really glad you didn't try to drive the other night. That was nasty. You were very responsible and deserve new underwear for making the right choice.

knitnzu said...

No, a mothatucka! Did you read 'the day the world came to town'? It's a bit sappy in places, about 911 in Gander Newfoundland. But funny too, like when the italian designer must go to walmart to buy underwear. But you could'a gone commando, huh? And scruffy too. I am cell-less, which is usually quite ok. But I can see their utility. And appeal.

Scoutj said...

A dog, cell phone AND new undies! lol