07 July 2006

Last Night...

... at work before vacation. Absolutely nothing is packed, but I started in on the laundry before leaving for work to make sure everything's washed. My list of must-pack stuff is all ready to go, DVD's to watch on the laptop are all lined up, and Introduction to Sanskrit, Part One arrived a few days ago, so I'll be able to take that with me. The preface says that learning Sanskrit should be undertaken in a relaxed state of mind, so I figure vacation in paradise is a good venue.

I think I'm also going to take along Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada, as I haven't read it in a long time and I've been thinking about it lately. It has what I consider to be one of the best opening lines in literature, though I think it renders best in the original Spanish (Actually, I've never seen it in English, but I can't imagine a translation being as good):

El día en que lo iban a matar, Santiago Nasar se levantó a las 5.30 de la mañana para esperar el buque en que llegaba el obispo.

The first time I read this book, as a student in Spain in 1988, I absolutely could not put it down. The first sentence tells you the name of the man who is to die, how utterly unaware he is of what is to come, and sets the stage for the horrible drama that is about to play out. It's no wonder that García Márquez won a Nobel Prize. I may have to take along Amor en el Tiempo del Cólera, too, as I haven't yet gotten around to reading that one.

As for travel knitting, I think I'm just going to take along the sweater vest. I figure I won't be knitting when I'm on the beach and probably will only pick it up in the evening in an air-conditioned room, so who cares if it's not cotton or laceweight.

Other Stuff

Here's a photo of little Liberty Rose Firecracker.


Wicked cunnin'.

I also plied skein #2 of the Junior last night - almost exactly the same yardage as the first, so I feel like I was pretty consistent with my spinning. I haven't washed it yet, but it'll wait. No pics yet, as I was falling asleep while I was treadling, but I'll see if I can manage to get something up before we leave.


FiberQat said...

Have a marvelous time! Take lots of pictures, relax, slurp good coffee, relax some more, eat great food, snooze.....

Anonymous said...

Say hi to Alicia and Norma for me. Maybe your vacation reading will be more productive than mine was!

Have a great time and get rested.

Firecracker is a cutie.