03 July 2006


That's her name, pronounced à la française. Actually, when I get her registered, her full name will be "Cabezalana Juliette". Everyone had good suggestions, but I must admit to being rather particular about names. When I first adopted Rosa, for instance, she had been named Frito. Not only was it a bad name, it was also patently not her name. Neither was Snoopy, which was what my techs at the time wanted to call her. It took me a week or two to know what Tolo's name would be. It may sound kind of crazy & new-agey, but I feel that the name reveals itself to me, and I just can't give a name that I know isn't right. What I want to know is had she been a boy, would Cate have suggested Henry?

I went back out to the farm today to see her and take more pics.


It appears that she has heterochromia iridae, which is a condition in which the eyes are of different colors. In this particular instance, the iris of each of her eyes have areas which are very light grey in color. It's curious in that I've never seen this in an alpaca before (though it's a common enough phenomenon, in general, and some white alpacas do have blue eyes), and it makes me wonder as to whether she'll be a bit of a wild card in the color department. Alpaca color genetics are still only partially sorted out and fairly complex, and she's got quite a mix of colors in her background. It'll be interesting to see what happens when she enters the breeding pool in a couple of years.


Susan said...

Frito? Boy, that WAS unfortunate. Good thing you came along. Juliette is a lovely name. Excellent choice! Congrats again. And thanks for the great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Uh NO on the "Frito". One of our new kitties was fostered before we got her - and the foster mum changed her name immediately. Some doof at the shelter gave the three-legged cat the name "Hoppy". Ick. She's now a respectable "Akasha" - spirit of all good things or something like that ;)

Juliette is stunning. --Sara
www.saraskates ATtypepad.com

Sean said...

I changed my dog's name when we go him. He was not happy with the name, Simba. He was always Luke to us.