11 July 2006


Really short post, as we're heading out today for Volcano, and I'm not really sure how long my laptop battery will last. The past three days have been really wonderful. Kailua-Kona really isn't my idea of where to spend an entire vacation - muggy, touristy, crowded - but it's been a good jumping off point. The monkeys have had fun, too.


They also got to meet Norma & Alicia, which was an absolute blast. Such wonderful, fun people.


There's so much more to tell. So very, very much more - with tons of pictures. But it will have to wait until I have the time and connection to sit still.


Anonymous said...

Hi Norma and Alicia! Those monkeys look AWFULLY happy!

...ducking and running...

...but yelling over my shoulder...

Have a great trip!

Norma said...

LOL, I had to go back and look at the picture to see what Mamacate was talking about. Bad girl.

Hey, that Norma doesn't really look like me. But it's kind of cool to find another one. There are so few of us!

Continue having a great time!