22 June 2006

Salad Days

Summer is the time for fresh produce, so tonight we had a Southwestern-style salad. It turned out way to lovely not to take a picture.


I really like making salads (well, cooking, in general), and the general consensus seems to be that I'm quite good at it. This particular one was inspired by the vegetarian taco salad on the menu at Elmo's Diner in Durham, North Carolina, which was the neighborhood diner when I lived there. It's one of the things I miss the most about Durham, and I have yet to find anywhere else that measures up. So if anyone in or near Durham happens to read this, blow them a kiss for me.

More Spinning

I've been in spinning mode lately, I think in large part because my wheel had sat idle for a good while. Tonight, though, I decided to take a break from the shetland x icelandic. I was tired of looking at white, so I started in on some of the roving I got at NHSW. This is about half a bobbin from the roving labeled "Junior", a romney/border leicester cross. I am really liking this fiber. It's got a nice hand, and I just love the heathery brown color. I'll probably go back to the shetland x icelandic after this bobbin so I can spin up the fourth singles I need for my planned experiment, but I'll be looking forward to getting back to this one.


Good News

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I had done some bloodwork on my oldest kitty, Poqui, to see if he has hyperthyroidism. It turns out that my suspicion was correct, though it seems to be relatively mild at this point. At any rate, I'm doing a trial with methimazole to make sure his kidneys are fit to do radioactive iodine treatment, and I took him to see a specialist to ultrasound his heart, which is where the most common secondary problems crop up. His heart looks great, though, which means he won't have to go on medications for that. It made my day.


Sean said...

MMMM...I love avacado in salads! I brought my wheel to work and havne't been using it much, but all in due time.

Norma said...

Do you deliver? It looks yummo!

Anonymous said...

that salad looks fabulous! A cursory recipe would be great - I doubt I'll be able to replicate it utterly, but you know, some of us keep trying at such things ;)