16 October 2011

Rhinebeck '11 - Part the First

That's not actually a sentiment I'm expressing, particularly as regards Rhinebeck. Caro was doing some photography work at the show, though, and David and I got recruited (without any resistance, truly) to be knitwear models. I suppose that if I took the time to poke around, I could figure out how secretive we're supposed to be. It's late, though, and I'm tired, so I'll just not say any more about that, except that the above is my pose for the official model release form. Maybe I should start sending it out to modeling agencies as my headshot.

I'll write a bit more later, once I've had time to sleep, but it was a good weekend. As always, the show is ever so much more about the people you get to see than the fiber you get to pet, take home, and do lascivious things with - not necessarily, of course, in that order. There were people I missed and people I got to spend far too little time with, which is the part I always hate, but in the main, it was a fun time.

Tomorrow, however, I have massages scheduled for both David and myself, and the appointment time cannot get here too quickly.


Michelle M. said...

You could be a tongue model! Glad you had fun.

Laurie said...

Help! Glossomegaly! Get the laryngoscope! Get the tube!