04 October 2011

2AM Miracle

So it's been another really long stretch between posts. A lot has happened, but I have a hard time lately finding the time to blog about it. So, some other time, but before I head off to bed I thought I'd share a little story.

On Sunday night, I had my first migraine. That's not the story, but it happened in the lead-up to the story I wanted to share and it seemed noteworthy. I've had bad headaches before, but this one came with a seriously heavy dose of nausea. So severe that I basically had to hold my breath when I took the quiche I was baking out of the oven and immediately afterward go to bed, because the smell of even really, really delicious food was going to make me hurl, which is something I almost never do. When you consider that the last time I had actually vomited was exactly 6½ years earlier (my birthday in 2005, when my friends took me to a martini bar 2 weeks after S had dumped me), to be that close to needing to make a mad dash to the Temple of the Porcelain God was more than a little significant.

Anyway, the actual story, as the title suggests, happened at 2AM. The pain and nausea had abated, littledog was getting a bit restless - which usually means he has to go pee - and I was realizing that I probably ought to, as well. So we both got up, and after I made my pit stop, we headed downstairs so Tuck could do the same.

It bears mentioning here, though I think I have also on prior occasions, that rather than a standard backyard, we have a sideyard off the kitchen ell, which was originally a cobbler's shop that was moved down the hillside and attached to the rest of the house - we think - sometime circa 1950. The yard access is through a kitchen mudroom, so the door is tucked in a corner of the building with the grass a few feet away.

So I opened the mudroom door and just as Tuck hopped down to go to the lawn and do his business, I realized there was a skunk - a small one, but a skunk, nonetheless - near the outside corner of the kitchen, not more than 8 feet from the door. Naturally, I immediately tried to reverse littledog's course, yelling, "Tuck! TUCK! TUCK!"

When it comes to his potty duties, though, littledog is very businesslike and singular of mind, particularly late at night, and he trotted right out into the grass to relieve himself, easily within 6 feet of le jeune M. LePew. I wouldn't be surprised if littledog never even noticed the creature, as it was dark and his vision isn't terribly good, but I'm equally fortunate that he is nearly completely incurious about other animals.

The other week there were two juvenile turkeys in the yard one evening when I let him out. He gave them a glance, but then turned around and headed right back to the house when he was done peeing. If they're not going to pick him up and give him lovin's, then they're not worth wasting time on, and that was pretty much how it went down with the skunk.

I think the poor little critter may have just been confused out of his mind. After all, here was this strange-looking, and maybe-or-maybe-not disinterested, dog off to one side, and a frantic, yelling human to the other side. With limited ammunition in his arsenal, the skunk made the wise decision and, thankfully, beat a hasty retreat without spraying anyone.

The even bigger miracle is how I ever managed to fall back asleep after that bit of excitement.


Chris said...

Yay for no one getting sprayed!

But sorry to hear you got a migraine. I know them all too well.

Tiger Chanter said...

Lucky you!

Teddyji got hold off a young skunk a couple of months ago and it did spray him! Fortunately it was not fully developed so instead of a "tear gas" level stench it was just a "skunky" aroma! Even after a visit to the groomers we still get a wiff of it whenever he gets wet!

Adam said...

Ack! I found myself face to face with a skunk outside my apartment a few weeks ago. Luckily, it ignored me and went about its business as I dashed for the door.

As for migraines, I also know them all too well. I've never experienced the nausea, but I do get ocular migraine spots that make it difficult to see! Fun!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

Yowza! What excitement... and great luck too.

The first time I had a full on migraine was during the time a friend was having brain surgery. You can imagine what went through my head. Still get the spots (I think they usually come when I've been exposed to a virus and my resistance is low), but not the totally debilitating headaches and complete nausea.

Hope you find something that helps you!

I've found it hard to blog lately... to much to do and too many other electronic distractions these days.

Scritches and love to littledog!

Miss Trudy said...

I used to suffer frequent migraines when young and thank goodness, they seem to have gone mostly away. I get them maybe once a year! Nasty stuff. Hope you don't get one again.

Karen said...

Lucky indeed! Good Tuck! I had a cat get sprayed, but I didn't realize it until I had opened the door at 3am to let him back in the house. He then proceeded to run through every room in the house and hide under beds spreading his stench. We finally got his stinkyness back outside, but we had to open the windows because the smell made it impossible to sleep. Did I mention this was during the winter?

Unknown said...

What a great littledog your Tuck is. Crikey - it could all have been so different had he been otherwise. Doesn't bear thinking about - the migraine/skunk combo. Ewwwww. Let's hope the sair heed was a one-off for you, Mel. They are horrid things ( she said, chewing sumatriptan, which is the current drug of choice over here in the yookay) but when they've gone, boy are you glad to be alive.

Anonymous said...

Yay for incurious dogs and nonchalant skunks! Between daily meds for high blood pressure and the occasional Imitrex, my full-blown migraines are a thing of the past. Hope yours blow away, too.

Michelle M. said...

I've only had one migraine, caused by a woman soaked in Obsession who sat in front of me at the movies. It was awful. I hope yours was a one-off. I'll cross my fingers you don't go through that again.

Glad to hear Tuck dodged the skunk bullet.

=Tamar said...

Good for Tuck, tending to business. If there is ever a skunk spray problem, there are modern remedies that really work:
1 spoon detergent, 4 spoons baking soda, 1 bottle 3% peroxide, spray immediately and let fizz for 2o minutes, then rinse off. Also cleans up cat stink, I'm told. Safe to use directly on animals.