13 September 2007

Meet Cedar and Foggy

I went out and took a few pics before I left for work. They were out and exploring, since it was the first day since they arrived that it wasn't pouring rain. Just for reference, the fence is 5ft.(1.52m) high.

091207Donkeys 002

That's Foggy (the male) in front and Cedar (female) behind. Foggy shares a birthday (May 3) with David and Landlady Paula. Cedar's birthday is a couple of weeks later. Knitnzu asked if they're like mini horses. Actually, they're a Sicilian breed and a bit bigger than most mini horses.

They're also known for having a nicer disposition that full-sized donkeys. Here they are rolling around on the ground playing like dogs.

091207Donkeys 001

I think they're going to be fun to have around, and the 'pacas actually didn't seem to be terribly concerned about them today. Ted asked what an alpaca alarm call sounds like, and though it's a little difficult to describe well, I think it sounds an awful lot like a donkey braying. A little more high-pitched, perhaps, like a donkey played at 78rpm, but that's the closest comparison I can think of. And now I'll get to listen to both.


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of them rolling around; too funny!

Love This Space said...

Funny little before and after pictures. Looks like your little donkey statues just fell over.

knitnzu said...

Very cute! (and kinda chubby, but in a perfectly proportioned donkey kind of way). So do you have a guard llama? Heard from one of the local alpaca farmers a couple years ago about how her guard llama chased down and killed a coyote. Wouldn't you like a guard llama, to accompany you to unsavory parts of big cities?

Unknown said...

Wow...can I come visit the Cabezalana petting zoo sometime?

Would these be called burritos in Spanish?

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh. My. God. Those are the cutest little fellers ever!!!!!!!! Thanks for the pix!

Scoutj said...

That picture of them playing like dogs is hyterical!