25 July 2007

Favorite Uncles

Posting might possibly be a bit sparse this week. My brother's kids are visiting for a few days, and we're dropping them off Thursday on our way to spend a couple nights camping up on Moosehead Lake with my folks.

This evening, we took the kids over to the Nubble Lighthouse at York Beach and got some ice cream (not from the lighthouse, but from a stand nearby).


Tomorrow they want to go see the Old York Gaol, and as it's supposed to be a scorcher, we shall definitely be spending some time at Seapoint Beach.

Visitors not withstanding, a little fiber action did take place. I knit a tiny bit on the Dulaan hat and actually pulled out my Hitchhiker to do a little bit of spinning. I haven't sat at the wheel for a few months now, so it was long overdue and very nice to watch and feel the wool as it drafted out and spun. I have so much fiber that needs to be spun, I really need to sit down regularly to spin a bit of it at a time.


Anonymous said...

Your niece and nephew picked a good couple of days to visit their favorite uncle.

knitnzu said...

So are they history buffs? You could take a drive down Winthrop Hill in Augusta (at the end of my side street...) where Captain Purinton lies buried in unhallowed ground. And the citizins trod (drive) over him without note. (do you know that story? Gory and famous, Martha Ballard wrote about it briefly in her diary...I'm sure you can find exerpts on line). Maybe you can teach them to knit? Two squares sewn together with their sewn edges at front and back (versus sides) before you sew the top makes an easy and interesting hat (ala Melanie Falick in Kids Knitting). Have a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your blog for a few weeks and do enjoy it. I'm sure that there are times that you feel you are writing to and for ghosts, so I thought I would simply leave a comment and encouragement to continue writing.
Sherrill in Portland OR

Molly Bee said...

Thanks for the picture, Mel! I needed a little slice of home tonight. I'm wicked homesick, Deah! Won't be going back to The County until Christmas!

Anonymous said...

My family used to go fishing on Moosehead Lake. My sister and I discovered one day why, if you see a baby moose, you should run (or in our case, paddle) like hell in the opposite direction...

Meg said...

Colour me embarassed but I just found your comment on my January blog. Thanks for the words on encouragement on the lack of freakishly large heads here at my house. You were exactly right ... leaving out the in-be-tween stitches did make us appear to have freakishly large heads ... but it also created a really pretty twisting ribbon effect that I will use on my daughter's hat this year. I think if I add just two repeats of the cable pattern that that should do the trick. Thanks ... I really appreciate ... and need ... all the help you have to give. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Nubble Light. Oh my, that picture brings back so many wonderful memories. We spent many wonderful summers in Kittery, due to my brother-in-law being a York native.

Dinner at the Ogunquit Lobster Pound or Bosun's Landing. The boat ride from Perkins Cove. And the kids screaming at me, "Ma, more seagull pictures? Stop!"

And then came the outlets and the traffic on Rte. 1A. Sigh. I know they provide employment but I remember when the only places there were Dansk and the Trading Post.