18 January 2007

Sweater In Progress

About a week or so ago, I decided to restart a basic comfy sweater in some Nature Wool Chunky I'd gotten on clearance from Webs. Even going down 0.5mm and knitting a tighter-than-ballband gauge was leaving me with a looser fabric than I wanted, so I just cast on de novo and started with smaller needles. I'm planning a basic raglan - just a nothing-fancy pullover that I could have used the last two nights to keep me warm. Progress has been pretty good by my standards.


The one problem I was having was with the roll cuff I'd originally planned. Instead of casting on 90% of stitches and then increasing as with ribbing, I thought I'd probably get by just with the transition to the larger needle size - the suddenly looser fabric helping to stop the roll. I was a bit very wrong about that, and it left me contemplating alternative options, halter top not being one of them. The more astute among you have probably already noticed that I decided to go with a hem.


Last night I pulled out a ball of Patons Classic Merino in "denim marl" from my stash and picked up stitches around, following EZ's instructions in her Knitting Workshop, which is a recent addition to my knitting library. After 2,488 knit stitches and the 202 final stitches tacked down with singles, I have a fairly neat hem, if I do say so myself. I think that for the sleeves I'll probably go with a garter stitch cuff to keep bulk to a minimum, and I'll keep the roll cuff at the neck because it'll be less of a problem there and I just like the look of it.

Could You Just Plotz?

The boys were taking a nap together this afternoon. A gratuitous photo, yes, but how could anyone resist such cuteness?



Anonymous said...

Looks like it will be a really pretty sweater. I'm eager to see it develop.

Cute pictures of the kitties, too!

Anonymous said...

Do you live in an older house? We do; there is no way to humidify the heating system. In windy, cold weather it gets very dry in the house even though the temp is in acceptable limits the humidity is VERY low. Have a vaporizor going in the sleeping areas.

Three pairs of socks! Recently after a sprained foot/ankle have gone to 'camping wear'--polypropoline liner socks with hand knit wool outersocks. Sandles are the most comfortable foot wear; adjustable girth and needed support in the forefoot and ankle. Sure you know the physics of the wicking socks--keep the foot dry.

JoVE said...

You might also want to consider seed/moss stitch on the cuffs. I find it is less bulky than garter and still lies flat.

That blue looks great, BTW. And the gratuitous cat photo is greatly appreciated.

FiberQat said...


I like the hem. The yarn is really nummy!

SaraSkates said...

too cute! and great hem.