26 February 2006

Snowbody's Home

Okay, cheesy. I know. It's late, so lay off. But when I got home from work this morning and went to bed, the ground was bare and brown. When I woke up this evening, it looked like this:

According to the National Weather Service, we were supposed to get 3-7 inches. When I snapped this pic, we had about 9 or 10 inches with the snow still coming down lightly. It was almost to the top of my 12" high boots. It's beautiful, light, fluffy stuff, which will hopefully make it easy to clear the drive tomorrow (Okay, technically today. Like I said, it's late.), when we're expecting my father to deliver a bookcase that was promised as a Christmas present. Of course, he hadn't started when I spoke to him Friday evening, so we'll see what happens. :-)

Another pic that will be coming soon is of my Knitting Unlympics project. I decided not to sign up for the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics because I wasn't sure my wrists would hold up (I made a preemptive Michelle Kwan decision). Still, I love a challenge, so I decided to pick up a UFO I'd set aside to finish holiday knitting - a pair of double layer mittens with baby alpaca on the inside and a lovely yarn I bought at Rhinebeck on the outside.

Right now, it's bedtime, and I still have half of the last thumb to finish, but it shall be done, and I shall post photos. I promise.


colin said...

Hi - I have been to Maine-in 97 on a road trip. Loved it! Tho I can see why Mr King bases his novels there. Very wild and scary place. Very colkd too with loads of snow and ice. A trip I will never forget.
Have been with my partner 25 years and I am very difficult so I am sure you can too.
I wanted to be a vet but.....
good luck with your blog and your Alpaca's and vet practice.

Ted said...

Hi Mel--Nice to see you on the web. I'm looking forward to lots of critter pictures!

Dad said...

Just to let your readers know, I did deliver the bookcase.

Mel said...

And a very nice bookcase it is, though I've yet to have the time to fill it up completely (even though I have the books to do it and then some).