26 February 2006

A Few Photos

Once I finished snowblowing the driveway (The mittens are soooooo warm!) and because it's such a lovely day out, I decided to snap a few pics of the boys. I should mention that the farm we live on is not ours. We rent a house on the property, and most of our 'pacas board elsewhere. Two of David's boys, though, do live on the farm. His Kozmo is the second from the left in the photo below.

This is David's boy, Ravi Divine. This photo just doesn't do him justice. His fleece is really a beautiful maroon.

And this is my dog, Rosa, saying hi. She doesn't show a great deal of interest in the 'pacas other than sniffing around to see if there's any poop she can get. The boys are fascinated with her, though, and always rush to the fence to sniff her.


StickLena said...

Oh how cute are those ´paca boys? It must be wonderful to feel their fleece!

WesWhiner said...

I love our blogs and especially the photos. Keep it up!

Only comment I have about this bunch is Aaaawwwww :-) And Rosa gets a double Aaaawwww.

FYI: I have a bloglines.com list of our member blogs (not public)that lets me know when one of the blogs has been updated. If you are interested, I think I can export it.